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2009 Submissions

Planets Game Planets Game Rated Stars Try your hand at this nostalgic, era-defining classic game now. Shooter - Fixed On Yer Bike On Yer Bike Rated Stars Try and stay on your bike no matter how drunk you may feel! Action - Other Number Hunter Number Hunter Rated Stars Click on the numbers in sequence as quickly as you can, as things heat up really quickly . Action - Other Marbles Marbles Rated Stars Select the piles of marbles in descending order as quickly as possible with the left, up a Action - Other Letter Hunter Letter Hunter Rated Stars Ever tried looking for a letter in a haystack? Puzzles - Other Kube Kounter Kube Kounter Rated Stars Test your reflexes with this fantastic brain-teaser! Skill - Other Kebab Krazy Kebab Krazy Rated Stars Complete your customers order by impaling the correct floating ingredients in the correct Action - Other Kazoo Ball Kazoo Ball Rated Stars A fast and frantic puzzle game of colour-matching in a never-before-seen way! Skill - Other Junk Yard Frenzy Junk Yard Frenzy Rated Stars Blow the up the junk to smithereens with a shotgun. Shooter - Fixed Jumpin Ride Jumpin Ride Rated Stars Control your car using quick fingers and quick reflexes! Action - Other Juggles the Clown Juggles the Clown Rated Stars This game is a brilliant, bamboozling, ball bonanza! Action - Other Invasions Invasions Rated Stars Shoot down these aliens before they invade our planet! Shooter - Fixed Hammer Throw Hammer Throw Rated Stars You don't have to be Russian to be good at the hammer throw. Sports - Other Gravitee Golf Gravitee Golf Rated Stars Try catapulting your giant golf ball with the correct velocity and trajectory toward it's Sports - Other Froggy Game Froggy Game Rated Stars Prevent froggy from becoming another sad case in the world of spiralling road kill statist Action - Other Excuses Excuses Excuses Excuses Rated Stars Type in the excuses as fast as you can. Action - Other Doof Sudoku Doof Sudoku Rated Stars The taxing, logical and mathematical nature of this game is ideal for a brain-box! Puzzles - Other Doof Blocks Doof Blocks Rated Stars Doof brings you this fantastically satisfying puzzle game! Puzzles - Other Cursor Race Game Cursor Race Game Rated Stars You snooze, you lose with this exciting action game! Action - Other Critter Capture Critter Capture Rated Stars you've been charged with the task of ridding the heavens of these green beasts! Action - Other

2008 Submissions

Columns Columns Rated Stars This fun puzzler needs quick fingers and bit of brainwork! Puzzles - Other Klondike Game Klondike Game Rated Stars This classic Solitaire game has never been more satisfying! Puzzles - Other Bozzle Bozzle Rated Stars Bozzle is seriously simple yet fantastically fun! Puzzles - Other Bomb Disposal Bomb Disposal Rated Stars Dispose of explosive devices as quickly as pozzible! Puzzles - Other Bob Jones Bob Jones Rated Stars Help Bob who is constantly in search of hidden treasures! Puzzles - Other Art Heist Art Heist Rated Stars You have to examine the works and expose the Art Heist before your time runs out! Puzzles - Other Black Hole Probe Black Hole Probe Rated Stars ry and touch as many of the falling spheres as you can. Skill - Other Balance game Balance game Rated Stars Keep the pole balanced on the mouse cursor Skill - Other Snooker Balls Up Snooker Balls Up Rated Stars The aim is to keep your shiny white cueball out of the way of the coloured ones! Action - Other Gold Fishin' Gold Fishin' Rated Stars Go get 'em hook, line and sinker! Action - Other Parking Mad Parking Mad Rated Stars Swerve and swivel your set of wheels around this tarmac terrain. Skill - Other Golden Arrow Golden Arrow Rated Stars Take your aim at one of three targets on the green. Shooter - Fixed Midnight Massacre Midnight Massacre Rated Stars Blast your way through 3 levels of blood-curdling action to get the hell outta this place! Action - Other Doof Ball Doof Ball Rated Stars Choose from one of twenty teams, and take them to the top! Shooter - Horizontal Flight Super Slap Star Super Slap Star Rated Stars Slap and clap your way through four levels of superstar smackage! Action - Other Word Search from Word Search from Rated Stars Find the words given to you by searching inside the big sea of random letters. Mahjong from Mahjong from Rated Stars Start round the edges of the board and get rid of matching exposed tiles within the time l Gem Swap Gem Swap Rated Stars Click on two gems consecutively to swap their positions.